Friday, November 28, 2014

Finally Fixed the Problem

I finally fixed the BSOD problem on my machine: I just needed to update the chipset drivers.

I was originally convinced that I had a bad GPU, so I sent it back to XFX for repair.  They performed many tests and couldn't find a single flaw.  Fortunately, one of the technicians there recommended updating the motherboard chipset drivers.  For some reason, this was about the only driver that I hadn't thought to update in my previous testing.  After they returned the GPU to me, I installed it and updated the chipset drivers, then did a clean reinstall of the latest beta catalyst drivers.  Zero problems now, and it's been about a month of heavy use since.  No more atikmdag.sys blue screens, or any others for that matter.  A big thanks to XFX support for helping me with this.

This is the chipset driver I installed (for my P7P55D-E Pro motherboard with a Core i5 750 CPU, but it should work for any intel chipset):

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